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Over Stigo Bike Nederland

Stigo Bike Nederland heeft een groothandelsfunctie en houdt zich bezig met de import en verkoop van de Stigo Bike in Nederland. Het productportfolio bestaat uit de Stigo Bike BASIS en de Stigo Bike PLUS. De vervoermiddelen worden geïmporteerd uit Estland.

Stigo Bike Nederland is een kleinschalige, transparante organisatie. Wij, Jean-Pierre Vos & Jos van Rijk, streven naar persoonlijk contact en korte lijntjes met haar klanten. Wij zijn onze klanten van dienst in zowel de B2C als in de B2B markt.


Over Stigo OÜ

Stigo Ltd develops novel electric vehicles for last-mile travel in urban areas. The company was established in 2008 in response to the increasing demand by city commuters with the need for a personal vehicle that could be coupled with public transportation or easily be taken indoors. Stigo launched the lightest and fastest-folding street legal scooter and is marketing the product worldwide. In 2014, the product won the prestigious EDF Pulse Award in the Electricity and Smart Living category.

Our European office in Tallinn (Estonia) is taking care of design, development, marketing and sales. Our team in China is responsible for procurement, production and quality management. Stigo electric scooter is European Type Approved (E-marked) as street legal L1e moped. Also, we have partnered with ISO certified manufacturer Ming Cycle for mass production capacities.

“Stigo is a leading developer of electric vehicles for last-mile travel in urban areas. By delivering innovative transportation solutions, we help our customers move fast, easily and comfortably. Built on Nordic design principles, the e-vehicles are made from aluminum to provide a sturdy but lightweight frame that can be easily folded and rolled like a suitcase.”